Cytotec (misoprostol) is generally recommended for the deterrence of lesions in clients taking arthritis or pain medicines for a very long time, as they go to higher threat of developing abscess. Your medical professional is expected to understand if you are expecting or breastfeeding right now of beginning the procedure - as those factors can influence exactly how much of Cytotec you will certainly need to be taking. The dose you are prescribed depends upon your personal demands and may be altered by your doctor based on some personal factors you have. Normally Cytotec is taken four times a day - with dishes and prior to going to bed. It is supposed to be taken regularly to shield your tummy. Missing your dosages to commonly may result in lesions, as Cytotec will certainly be unable to shield your tummy lining. Negative side effects of Cytotec can be any of the following ones: throwing up, problem, irregularity, modest diarrhea, unwanted gas, nausea, menstruation pains, and belly pains. You will certainly have to enjoy those negative effects carefully to visit if they disappear on their own or you really need to state them to your medical carrier. See to it you never ever give your amount of Cytotec to other individuals to who it was not recommended, as those people might have contraindications you are uninformed of.